social initiatives

NAMDEV EXPORTS is also looking for various social initiatives like prohibiting Child Labor And Children Safety and Women Empowerment.

NAMDEV EXPORTS is also organized various training workshop for the employees working in the organization for developed the productivity.

Sustainability Policy
We continue to encourage our employess to:

  • Demonstrate responsibility and sensitivity to biodiversity and the environment in which they operate by being proactive to conserve, restore and enrich it systematically and continuously
  • Comply with regulations relating to environment, constantly upgrade technology and apply state-of-the-art processes and practices with institutional arrangements that will comprehensively address larger issues and goals on climate change and global warming
  • Continually illustrate performance in preventing pollution, ensure the optimum use of resources, and minimise harmful impacts of products and production processes, materials movement and its delivery throughout its supply chain
  • Create sustainable livelihoods and build community through social outreach programmes in health, education, empowerment of women and youth, employee volunteering, that can be measured in terms of their having more lasting benefits, serving a larger national or regional purpose, and also making it more meaningful to all involved in the endeavour
  • Find ways to enhance human, social, natural capital as complementing financial growth of the enterprise with explicit goals and processes to sustain the effort

For this purpose, NAMDEV will adhere to our core values, deploy appropriate approaches, demonstrate leadership, train, position key professionals; and create consciousness among employees, suppliers, contractors, customers and the community at large through a process of continuous dialogue, initiatives and collaboration.